You cannot ‘proof’ your own work. It’s too close, too familiar. You will fail to spot the mistakes. Even the big companies make these errors in their signage and advertising. A fresh, expert pair of eyes is needed. This will eliminate not just grammatical errors but also spelling mistakes.


But proofreading is just one stage. You are unsure of which direction to take. Does it read well? Could you help me re-write this so that my readers can understand it better? Of course – that’s one of our key services. Our clarity of writing will help ensure that those who read your work will understand it in the way you intended.


I want to put together an advert for the paper. I want to think up some funny copy for our brochure…and I’m under pressure. Can you help? Yes, of course. Having spent much time in the industry I know how to shape copy, how to make your ideas come to life. It’s enjoyable for me. It’s profitable for you!